Best Organic Gift Baskets

Best Organic Gift Baskets
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If you have ever wanted to get a gift basket for someone in your life, yet you have no idea of where to start or are running out of time, do not worry. It is understandable that you are caught in situations like that, such as in an emergency where you have to send a gift basket to a loved one across the country or state.

Such situations are common, and sellers know this. That is why there are many gift baskets, all ranging in the types of gifts they contain. It can become confusing when you do not know what to look for exactly, as the variety of baskets in each subcategory is very wide. If you are searching for an organic basket, then you have come to the right place – read on to find out our selection, as well as the criteria to use when looking for one.

What do you look for?

Getting organic baskets is a tricky process, since not all the contents will be well received and there are chances that there could be defects. However, when selecting the basket contents, make sure there is a good mix of savory, salty, sweet and fruity to make a balance and cater to all the needs of the recipient.

There are risks to purchasing baskets that contain pears though, because these tend to be polarizing for the most part. Most organic baskets will also have the same brands of snacks throughout, so if you want a totally customized version, then you might have to do the packing yourself.

Other factors to consider include:

The pricing

Pricing on each basket will vary, but as a general rule, the larger and more extravagant ones will cost about $300 or more, although there are plenty of good ones that you can purchase if you are on a budget of less than $100.

It is important to note that many companies will adjust the fee if the packaging will require extra special handling or ice packs for preservation purposes.

Does the recipient suffer from allergies?

When it comes to food, you must remember that not everyone will enjoy the foods and snacks that are within a gift basket. In fact, the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) notice that more children are getting food allergies in recent years compared to before, rising by an average rate of 2% every year.

For this reason, when looking for these baskets to send as gifts, remember that not everyone will be able to handle them properly. For instance, you cannot send a basket full of cheeses to a lactose-intolerant person.

In case you are not sure of what the recipient can and cannot eat, then the next best option is getting a basket that contains a variety of food items they can choose and enjoy.


You might not think of this immediately when shopping for organic gift baskets, but it is also important to keep in mind. Regardless of the use of cold packs by companies to maintain the freshness of the items, it does not make the packaging foolproof. In addition, if the basket ends up sitting too long in the sun, it will not remain fresh.

You can save yourself the heartache by purchasing items that are good for that specific time of the year. For instance, purchasing cheese or chocolate in the winter or fall months, since it will not melt as the package is in transition, or fruits in summer as they are most likely fresh during this time. Avoid sugary snacks and candy during the summer because they can melt, and so on.

Purchasing for someone on a diet

If you are buying a gift basket for someone who is watching what they are eating, simply because they want to lose or maintain their weight, then it is very important to keep their diet choices in consideration. The good news is that you cannot miss a good selection of items you can choose from in their gift package, whether it is gluten-free material, fruits, or nuts that are rich in protein.

Upcycling the basket

One of the best aspects of gift baskets is the re-usability of the containers once you are done with them, as well as remaining as an environmentally-friendly solution.

One way of doing this is upcycling it with a fresh coat of spray paint, especially if you are dealing with a basket whose look does not appeal to you, or you want a modern and exciting look. You can also end up using it as a bin or storage basket when you line it with cotton liner. In addition, many craft stores have decorative wire, and you can use that to your advantage with the gift baskets and modify their look.

If the basket came with decorative canisters as part of the package, then you can use spray paint to give it a new sense of life. The canisters can become pencil holders, candles, and gift containers – it all depends on how creative you want to become with the design. The only thing you need to ensure is that you avoid using paint on them if you are planning to use them for your food.

Top 5 organic food baskets

Name Dimensions (in inches)Weight (in lbs.)Purchase
Broadway Basketeers healthy gift basket 8 x 6 x 122.2Buy here
Shari’s Berries Swizzled strawberries gourmet basket11 x 7 x 62Buy here
Organic snack attack health basket17 x 15 x 1110Buy here
Golden State fruit classic gourmet fruit basket 11 x 8 x 92.2Buy here
The Fruit Company’s Artisan fruit and cheese basket 14 x 10 x 5.57Buy here

Broadway Basketeers healthy gift basket – best for its snack collection

Broadway Basketeers healthy gift basketIf you have people in your life that are seeking healthier options regarding their food, then this is a perfect gift for them as it is guaranteed to please, with gifts all arranged in a thoughtful way. Thanks to its hand-crafted arrangement, it is overflowing with a generous selection of healthy treats and organic items, such as teas, cookies, dried fruits, crackers, and snacks.

It comes in a pleasing package, thanks to the hand-tied bow – giving you an air of elegance even in its simplicity. The great news is that you can even get Kosher gift baskets, which means they pay meticulous attention to the entire process of production; they even take care of people that have restrictions in their diet due to allergies or other causes. This has led to the certification of the company by the OK Kosher Labs that certify the organic baskets as Kosher.

The basket includes snacks with a natural healthy mix, cherry sweets, organic peanut butter cookies, organic cinnamon apple chips, organic cheddar cheese sandwich crackers, as well as organic tea in two flavors.


  • Beautiful design
  • Full of healthy treats that are varied enough to please even the pickiest consumer


  • Pricey
  • Smaller in size than expected


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Shari’s Berries Swizzled strawberries gourmet basket – best variety pick

Shari’s Berries Swizzled strawberries gourmet basketThe company, starting as an all-food delivery service, has grown into one of the most famous basket makers, and their baskets wins the round in presentation of its food. Their entire selections of snacks and foods are certified as 100% organic by the USDA, and they offer you great options such as the gourmet snacks, sweet fruits that are freshly picked, organic wine from California, and so on.

One of the unique features you can get is the fruit of the month, which is interesting as you cannot find the offer anywhere else. Ranging from selections if six, twelve or three months, you can select whatever works for you as well as the snacks you want – these include baked items, gourmet meats, cheeses, and so on.

Some of the treats present include a whole assortment of candies for Valentine’s day, rice crackers, salted and roasted almonds, cinnamon hearts, chocolate covered cherries, cashews (both chocolate, and roasted ones), honey roasted peanuts, and pistachios.


  • There is a wide selection of food
  • Baskets are elegant in their design
  • The gift basket food selections are very good


  • You cannot personalize the gifts you buy, other than the gift card
  • Selections do not include non-food items


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Organic snack attack health basket – best for the gluten free patient

Organic snack attack health basketThis is similar to the other selections on the list, as it contains an assortment of organic snacks that you will enjoy. The best thing that sets it apart from all the others as well is the gluten-free snacks, which is a great thing if you happen to suffer from allergies to wheat products, or you know someone that does.

The snacks in the collection include dried banana chips, maple roasted cashews, almonds or pistachios (you can pick any according to your preference), dried cherries, and a Natural Trail mix. All the snacks are certified as organic and all-natural, and the company is generous in placing the quantities of each, making this a great choice to have with you. In addition, the hand-crafted arrangement means that the packaging is simple yet attractive, thanks to the hand-tied bow and the specially crafted basket.


  • Great selection of snacks
  • Caters to those that have wheat allergies
  • Great packaging


  • None noted so far


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Golden State fruit classic gourmet fruit basket – best for someone that loves food adventures

Golden State fruit classic gourmet fruit basketIf you have a foodie friend and have no idea what to get for them in terms of organic baskets, then you should give this one a try. The mixtures are what you would get in a typical basket, but with higher quantities and beautiful arrangements, combined with wonderful customer service.

The selection includes a wonderful mix of orchard fruits that are a favorite of many people, and will not leave you disappointed. There are two varieties of apples, mandarins, pears and oranges each, as well as a fruit that is in season at the time of purchase. In addition, you will get cheddar cheese (or artichoke cheese dip depending on the season), which stands as one of the most delicious additions to the selection, olive sea salt crackers, and salted and roasted almonds.

The packaging itself is elegant, as the basket is wrapped in a faux linen green bow. If you want customizations to your gift, then you can ask them to package it for you according to the specific customizations – a major plus. To help you relax in your purchase, they are committed to ecofriendly practices, including the selection of basket-making materials.


  • The pricing is reasonable
  • The arrangements of the items are attractive
  • All the fruits are tasty and shipping is temperature-controlled


  • Some customers have complained about the lack of gift cards
  • You cannot work with non-food gifts


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The Fruit Company’s Artisan fruit and cheese basket – best as a general purpose gift

The Fruit Company's Artisan fruit and cheese basket Just like as you will notice as you shop for gift baskets, especially those that deal exclusively in fruits, not all are created equal. You can trust this one, however, as the company has been in operation for more than 60 years, and their fruit basket has proven to be a favorite of many customers.

All the gift baskets are affordable and feature fresh fruits only, making them a pleasant gift when you are not sure of what to get. There is also an accompaniment of roasted nuts, gourmet cheeses, sweets, roasted nuts, and more delights that are all tasty.

The best part is the inclusion of the fruit of the month and superb desserts clubs, which offer you an even greater selection of treats to choose from.


  • Great packaging
  • Great selection of fruits and other content
  • Reasonable pricing


  • None noted so far


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There is a winner for this round!

It was not an easy call, but the winner among the organic baskets is the Artisan fruit and cheese basket. Not only can you count on it for the great selection it offers, but also the packaging is not going to disappoint you – all at a reasonable price, and it will impress the recipient; even when you are unsure of what you should get.

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