Best Candy Gift Baskets – Buyer’s Review

Best Candy Gift Baskets

Looking for the best candy gift baskets? Well, you need not to worry as we got you covered with some of the best varieties in the market. If you are a total newbie to this product, this guide gives you the best review for your purchase.

Gift baskets have been used time and again by both ladies and gents to deliver various types of gifts to their recipients. Some of the gifts delivered include fruits, flowers, perishables, canned goods and edibles. It’s also in order to have a combination of these gifts in one basket. Normally, gift baskets are preserved for special occasions such as holidays. You could use them to carry a special gift for your special other’s birthday.

That said, we want to focus on the best candy gift baskets today. This review gives you a vivid picture of the best candy baskets to help you make an informed choice.

Just before we take a deeper dive, here is a comparison table to help you see the products we are reviewing at a glance.

Products Table

NameDimensionsItem weightBuy on Amazon
Easter Bag Toy Candy Gift Basket 9.5” × 7”6lbs.Buy here
Snack Gift Basket with Candy 12” ×12”×12”4lbs.Buy here
Candy Gift Baskets Gift Wrap for Christmas Party Favors16.5” × 7.8” (H*W)1.6 ouncesBuy here
Doctor Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket--3lbs.Buy here
Get Well Retro Candy Basket --2lbs.check price here
  1. Easter Bag Toy Candy Gift Basket – Beautifully designed with unique patterns

Easter Bag Toy Candy Gift BasketThis Easter bag toy candy gift basket doesn’t come to only carry your candy but adds aesthetic value to your image giving you a high sense of confidence. It’s the right choice for holidays such as Easter. It’s an ideal use for kids. Also called the Easter bucket tote, it’s best suited for carrying candy.

However, it can also carry other gifts as well. Some of these include toys, eggs and other gifts during the Easter holidays. Though designed for carrying candy and other Easter presents, the Easter candy gift basket is also multifunctional in use. It can hold other household items such as rulers, books and school items.

Additionally, it’s not only reserved for the Easter holidays but kids can use them too during Halloween. It doubles up as a practical storage basket making it  be usable all year round. You don’t have to worry about its longevity as it’s made to last longer with the ability to be re-used as well. Definitely, your kids are bound to enjoy this basket.


  • Comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry
  • Lightweight for easy carry
  • Durable
  • Re-usable
  • Multi-functional and can be used to carry other school items


  • The material used is prone to tear

Well, as you will notice, this candy basket may be the perfect fit for you if you have kids around. It may the only item they need to make their Easter holiday memorable.


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  1. Snack Gift Basket with Candy – suits any special occasion

Snack Gift Basket with CandyIf you have been in search of that candy gift basket that will literally fit in any special occasion, then the Snack Gift Basket with candy is the product that could suit you best. It’s not only fit for carrying candy but can carry a range of snacks. It’s called a snack gift basket by virtue of its function.

As a matter of fact, if you want to carry tasty foods like gourmet, this basket type allows you to. Your gift recipient will be glad you did use it. Given the many holidays that run throughout the year, you can as well say bye to buying more candy bags once you purchase the snack basket with candy.

This basket could be what you need to make your holiday great. It serves also as a thank you, thinking of you and a birthday gift basket. Whether your recipient is a kid, young adult or an elderly, this product suits them all.


  • Suits any occasion
  • Suits persons of all ages
  • Can carry a range of goodies including gourmet tasty foods
  • A great gift for the holidays


  • Comes with no handle for easy carry

To wrap it up, the Snack gift basket with candy takes care of your holiday needs without much sweat. It saves you the cost of having to buy different candy bags for different occasions.

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  1. Candy Gift Baskets Gift Wrap for Christmas Party Favors – large size

Candy Gift Baskets Gift Wrap for Christmas Party Favors If you have a taste for candy baskets that come with large sizes, you might want to consider the Candy gift baskets gift wrap. It’s designed and fitted with the Elf Snowmen Reindeer by Santa Claus. Also, it’s a multi-functional in the sense that it comes with four pack Christmas Tote gift bags. Its range of functions is wide including its use as a candy bag, treaty bag, Christmas gift bag, Christmas promotion activities and much more.

Given its large size, it can carry lots of snacks and several goodies. These include candy sticks, stockings, snacks, treats and many other goodies. With this basket, you also have the benefit of a non-woven fabric. This material type also comes with a handle that makes it lightweight and convenient to carry. As a user, you are guaranteed of sturdiness, durability and portability.

If you love beauty, this basket could just be your taste. It has a decorative art that mirrors the Christmas style. The art consists of bright color adds to make your holiday memorable.


  • Large capacity enabling it to carry lots of goods
  • Comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry
  • Sturdy and portable non-woven fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Decorative art
  • Waterproof


  • Hands straps wear off in the span of time

You may have a lot of gifts that you want to deliver to someone special in your life during their birthday or other significant festivals. Well, this Christmas candy bag will do more than enough in carrying your array of gifts. It is packed 4 in 1 and is multifunctional to suit your various gift needs.

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  1. Doctor Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket – comes with gift items

Doctor Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket Now, if you are eager to buy gifts and not just a candy basket, you want to consider buying the Doctor Bag Candy Gift Basket. As a matter of fact, you could order it directly to your friend or family member as it comes with an assortment of good gifts that are old-fashioned.

Let’s get a breakdown of the items you are likely to find in this candy gift basket. We have the candy buttons, cow tales, Boston baked beans, Chuckles, Wax lips, Bazooka, Mary Janes, coconut bar, candy cigarettes, Jujubes, Fun Dip, Cow tales, sugar daddy, slap sticks Caramel pop and much more.

While the manufacture of this product may have promised you the items found in the basket, it’s not a guarantee that you will find them all during purchasing of the product.


  • Comes with an assortment of gifts packed already
  • Gifts packed can be sent to people of all ages and sexes
  • The packaging is easier to send or deliver
  • Perfect fit for candy lovers


  • Small-sized
  • Real product less in quantity as compared to the one displayed

This candy gift basket saves you the trouble of having to buy gifts and a candy gift basket separately. As a matter of fact, you can send it to your friends and relatives of all ages without having to worry about their age or gender.

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  1. Get Well Retro Candy Basket – an assortment of gifts

Get Well Retro Candy BasketThe Get Well Retro candy basket is more or less like the Doctor Bag retro candy basket. It’s bright and colorful and comes loaded with a range of cheerful retro candy. You don’t have to worry about buying gifts as it comes with them packaged already.

Within its range of gifts, you got the candy buttons, Pop rocks, Bazooka, Pop rocks, Lemonheads, jawbreakers, coconut bar, cow tales, Boston baked beans, Jujubes, assorted lollypops, Slapstick caramel pops, the giant now and later and the walnettos.


  • Suits people of all ages
  • Comes packaged with gifts
  • Great retro candy


  • Not ideal if looking to deliver only one gift type
  • Small-sized

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If you are a looking for a candy basket that can deliver a range of gifts to your family or loved ones, the Get Well Retro candy gift basket is what you need. You can use it to send gifts to all types of age and sex. It’s brightly colored gifts have a way of uplifting the lowliest of hearts.


So, what should you consider before buying that candy gift basket?

  • The wrapping

Candy gift baskets come in different wrappings. What may suit one person may not suit the other. It all boils down to your test and preferences.

That being said, the different wrappings could include Christmas decorations, tote bags, candy bags or goody bags. Choose the wrapping that suits you best.

  • Durability

While you may simply want to deliver a candy gift for Easter or Halloween and call it a day, you may realize that your candy gift basket could be multi-functional as well.

This means it could be useful in holding other household items. If this is the case, durability has to be your top priority.

When selecting a candy gift basket, look for one that is sturdy and made of durable materials to stand the test of time. You also want to look at a bag with strong handle straps that won’t tear out easily.

  • Ease of use

As you may notice not all candy bags come with handles. A candy gift bag with handles makes carrying it easy. This enables you to deliver your gift to your family member or ailing friend with ease.

A candy gift bag without a handle could be cumbersome to carry if you have lots of candies to deliver or you simply want to add other gifts to your candy basket.

Some candy gift bags are also made of waterproof materials. You won’t have to worry about your gifts getting destroyed if caught up in the rains.

  • Ability to be re-used

Candy gift baskets are reserved for gift deliveries such as candy buttons, candy cigarettes, Jujubes and coconut bar.  Once you make a purchase and deliver your candy gift to your recipient, your basket could as well be disposed off.

Depending on your other needs, you could consider re-using your candy gift basket for carrying gifts for other holidays throughout the year. Alternatively, they could be re-used to hold other important items within your home.

  • Carrying capacity

How many are your recipients and what number of gifts do you want to deliver? If you can answer these questions sufficiently, then you know what carrying capacity you need for your gift basket.

As a matter of fact, candy gift bags vary in their dimensions. Some come small and lightweight while others cover more space. Additionally, some are sold in pairs. Make sure to choose a candy gift bag with a carrying capacity that will suit your gift needs best.

  • Packaging

Some candy gift baskets such as the Doctor Bag candy retro basket come packed with candy gifts already to your delight. The packaging is made fit for sending to persons of any age or sex.

If you don’t want to go through the due process of arranging candy gifts in your basket of candy, this could be these types of gift baskets could be your best bet.

  • Portability

Basically, a gift basket’s major work is to deliver gifts from the sender to the recipient. That said, you want to look for a gift basket that you will allow you carry it with ease because of its carrying capacity.

Our Verdict

Overall, these candy gift baskets suit your gift needs. However, the Easter Bag Toy Candy Gift Basket stands out because of its versatility. Not only is it multi-functional but it’s also multi-purpose allowing you to use it all year round in other festivities such as Halloween. Besides, it’s made of durable materials that make it long-lasting. This basket is also re-usable. Definitely, this is what you need for an exciting candy gifting experience.

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